A super nice show in Everlöv! Dacapo placed 4th in his second start.

We had a really nice day showing Dacapo and Dicaprio. Dacapo performed really well and managed do get into 4th Place. Being only his second show we were really happy about it of course!

Dicaprio and Linn did a really nice ride with so much good in it that we were a bit surprised they didn't get higher points. They ended up just one out of placing, we were happy with his impressive way of showing himself and he is still a super pony!

All in all it was a super nice day, short drive, good weather, nice showground, lots of friends and our horses were performing well. It could be worse :-)

Dicaprio and Linn 

Dacapo and his owner Franziska

It's so much fun having Dacapo in traning and having the family Kötter as owners, we have had so much fun over the past years!