Students training hard and getting better all the time!

This week we had three students and there horses coming to train for three days. They have all improved since the last time I visited them and having three days to focus on details was really good.

Wilma and her 6 year old pony Shelby started training with us last autumn and had at that time not been competing. Now, a year later they have done several starts close to 70 % and they were so close on getting to ride the Swedish youngpony championships. Well done!

Wilma always has great support from her parents who comes to every lesson and drives here to all the shows she wants. Way to go!

Rose-Marie has a really nice 5 year old gelding who acts allot older then he is. He has got three good gaits and a super character, being sensitive and a little bit hot without boiling over.

Emelie borrowed her mother Rose-Maries stallion Lotus (pictured) to improve on her dressage skills. Normally Emelie sits in a jumpingsaddle but she has turned more and more to dressage the latest time. Combining the the two will make her even better so keep it up!