3rd and final day in Dagstorp

Both Kelly and the ponys did super. Rihanna was better on the aids and  climbed a few placings compared to her qualification.

Di Caprio had a bit to much energy left and showed how powerful he is despite showing three days in a row. He got many high marks and  some lower were he simply did too much. 

Kelly did super and had to act like a pro when getting of one pony just too mount the next one. She handled the stress with ease and we are more than happy with how she showed Di Caprio since it was only the sixth time she rode him (three times training & three times showing). 

Kelly will now stay and train with here ponys for a few weeks before heading of to the Swedish Championships. We are super happy to have here as part of our team for the coming weeks and most certainly understand why she is part of her region, Smålands, talent program for dressage riders!