Linn Larsson

Linn was born in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. In 2008 she moved to Germany to work with horses fulltime. She stayed in Germany for six years and in 2011 she finished her German "beriter" education in Warendorf. 

During her time in Germany she worked at Stall Ramsbrock as a younghorse sales rider for 2,5 years and then moved on to ride with Grand Prix rider Johannes Augustin at Dressurpferde Augustin. To learn how to train the higher levels of dressage. 

Martin Umaerus

Martin was born in Uppsala 60 km north of Stockholm. He finished the young horse education at the national stud in Flyinge, Sweden in 2011. During the education he was employed by Stall Ramsbrock in Germany as a rider. 

He is now employed as teacher at Flyinge.